The Angels Have Gone (2014)

Is it an acronym, a mating call, a speech impediment, or the whoop of an underage? In Italy the answer would be boh (beats me!). At least the music is a sight for sore ears.Allow us to open a new file. Department: Jazz. Subdivision: Siamese. Jazz, because such highly peculiar rumblings and pitches can only be called jazz (the prophecies of its demise notwithstanding). Siamese, because Marco Müller, Rico Baumann and Benedikt Reising sound like the One. The One? No, not like the downbeat. Like the kindhearted and clairvoyant sound of their new album the angels have gone. The listener doesn’t hear structure, rhythm and composition, they hear the childhood song of someone else’s grandparents…. no, wait … they hear three trees whose intertwined trunks grow towards the light … no, forget that … they hear music like it was supposed to be. Ach so: each of the three Wa’s wrote a few of the songs, using the traditional blackmailer’s composing technique of cutting out newspaper letters. So that the detective would say “Boh! Who was it? Must have been Der WaWaWa.”

Lord Huhn (2012)

Time flies by like pigs with wings. And so it has come to pass that just two years after the release of their debut album, Der Wawawa have donned their armor and galloped back into town on the knightly crusade they like to call Lord Huhn. (That’s “Lord Chicken” for all you infidels out there.) There’ll be no pillaging this time around, though — Der Wawawa are keeping things clean and tight. Unpretentious songs from the feathered pen of bass player Marco Müller keep the mood down to earth and the peasants happy. The path of adventure leads through bebop bogs, groovy groves, and the chilled nether regions of lore. Damsels in distress, take heed — Der Wawawa are not the sort of guys who just sit around drinking salamander juice when the surf is up. These merry minstrels — Benedikt Reising on sax, Marco Müller on bass, and Rico Baumann on drums — get the job done and bring the bacon home.

Der Wawawa (2009)

The Wawawa made their debut in a buzzing apartment in Bern’s Old Town, playing at the birthday party of the slender Icelandic dancer Hildur Óttarsdóttir. The following year they went on tour as the opening act for the Berlin-based pop group Tele. Their extensive touring has included appearances in jazz clubs, factory buildings, living rooms, and forest clearings. It’s become a common saying in Switzerland that if free-range cows were to wear MP3 players, the Wawawa would be at the top of their playlists. Benedikt Reising (sax), Marc Müller (bass), and Rico Baumann (drums) harvest a sound as groovy as a warm bed of hay, chugging along and throwing off sparks like a trolley-car in winter. They’re as airy as a ride in the Volvo convertible they take on tour with them. Expert testimony has confirmed reports of teenage girls developing allergic reactions to other groups as a result of having heard the Wawawa. Please consult with your doctor before listening to their CD.